PV laser technology equipment specialist InnoLas Solutions has opened a new €3 million customer application and R&D centre in Gilching, Germany due to continued demand from a growing customer base. 

The new facility was said to include a wide range of its industrial-grade equipment designed to process different applications in crystalline solar cells, ceramic components, pcb-substrates and other brittle materials such as glass or sapphire. 

Earlier in 2017, InnoLas noted that new orders in the first quarter of 2017 exceeded €10 million with the expectation of significant growth during the year, due to the high demand for the Laser Contact Opening (LCO) process for PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology and the increasing interest in LDSE process for advanced P-type solar cells. The company noted the new order intake included a number of key PV manufacturers in Asia, including leading companies in China.

Richard Grundmüller, founder and president of InnoLas Solutions comments: “Due to the growing demand in customer application development and our own R&D activities we invested a total of €3 [million] in our laser applications center.” 

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