Leading ‘Silicon Module Super League’ (SMSL) member JinkoSolar has highlighted the significance and its capabilities behind setting multiple P-type multicrystalline PERC solar cell efficiency and module output records at PV CellTech 2018 technical conference held in Penang, Malaysia this week.

JinkoSolar Chief Scientist Dr. Qi Wang, on behalf of the company, gave a presentation on the topic of “Technology innovation & roadmaps from the industry’s leading cell producers” where he spoke about how JinkoSolar has been able to break the world record in P-type multicrystalline PERC solar cell efficiency and module output on several occasions in 2017.

The location of Penang is also of significance to JinkoSolar as the company, following China’s Belt and Road Strategy, the SMSL has made large investments in manufacturing outside of China and built its largest overseas production facility in Penang. 

The company noted that its Penang production facility had a solar cell manufacturing capacity of 1.5GW and module manufacturing production facility of 1.3GW, helping to create over 4000 jobs.

“As a leader in the solar manufacturing, we’re happy to share the innovations and learnings that spawn from our extensive R&D initiative,” noted Dr. Wang. “Considering our production base in Penang, we were also able to draw on our experience about building a global manufacturing network.”

“The PV CellTech 2018 conference provided the PV industry with an opportunity to hear from the leading cell producers, and equipment and materials suppliers, that are driving high efficiency leading-edge products into the market today,” added Finlay Colville, head of market research at Solar Media, parent company to PV Tech.org. The event this year became an ideal platform to the key stakeholders that are leading the next push to move module efficiencies above 20% as a standard offering to the market.”

JinkoSolar had reported several record PERC cell efficiencies in 2017, including its last in November, 2017.

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