Over the last 30 years, South of France based Semco Technologies has proven to be a globally active and leading provider in the Photovoltaic- & Semiconductor Industry.

Semco’s innovative solar cell manufacturing equipment line including LYDOP (Diffusion), TWYN (PECVD) and HORTUS (LPCVD) are key-contributors to the current highest solar-cell efficiency manufacturing processes for emitter-contact and passivation applications.

Being part of the ECM Group, Semco’s photovoltaic competence portfolio is now expanded with ECM’s proprietary Crystalmax ingot casting technology.

The combination of these casted mono wafers together with Semco’s cell technology establishes a true industry breakthrough!

As a technology leader, Semco maintains extensive collaborations with top tier solar wafer and cell manufacturers. Semco’s industrial demolab is helping our customers to bring advanced c-Si based p-type and -type process-steps into mass production faster. Our unique low risk approach, ensuring highest yields, bringing satisfaction and success to our partners worldwide.