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JinkoSolar sets mono-PERC bifacial solar module efficiency improvements

Updated: Leading ‘Solar Module Super League’ member, JinkoSolar has set new conversion efficiency improvements for its P-type PERC and N-type ‘HOT’ bifacial solar modules that have been verified during testing conducted by TÜV Rheinland.

JinkoSolar reported that its N-type mono HOT bifacial solar module had achieved conversion efficiencies of 22.49% as verified by TÜV Rheinland. A P-type mono PERC module also set a new performance record with a conversion efficiency of 21.82%.

Both modules were said to benefit from a number of new and refined technologies, which included newly developed ARC and advanced metallization technologies for its N-type module, without providing further details. 
The N-type module also deployed a new tiling ribbon (TR) for the N-type module, which eliminated any inter-cell gap, ensuring high-efficiency and high-reliability, according to the company. JinkoSolar has already introduced TR to certain modules already in production.

With the PV industry migration to larger and higher purity P-Type and N-Type mono wafers, slightly higher efficiency gains at the cell and module are possible. JinkoSolar did not disclose wafer and module sizes tested by TÜV Rheinland.

Dr. Jin Hao, Vice President of JinkoSolar said, “We are committed to providing high-quality modules that will efficiently and reliably operate under the toughest conditions. This new world record will pave the way for a new round of technological and industry upgrades in module efficiency with JinkoSolar leading the way. Going forward, we will accelerate the application of the latest and most advanced technologies to the mass production of our solar products which will drive an increase in cost-effectiveness and promote grid parity on a global scale.”


Since reporting JinkoSolar’s latest module conversion efficiencies, Dr. Jin Hao has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective immediately.JinkoSolar had not used the CTO title for any directors or senior managment for many years. 

Dr. Jin had served in a number of senior positions at JinkoSolar, primarily as Vice President of R&D since 2015 and Chief Scientist from 2012 to 2015. 

Kangping Chen, Chief Executive Officer of JinkoSolar, commented, “We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Jin to Chief Technology Officer where I’m sure his leadership and experience will continue to drive our cutting-edge R&D forward. As Vice President of R&D, Dr. Jin played a critical role in the numerous significant milestones JinkoSolar hit in technological and industry upgrades and module efficiency. Going forward, Dr. Jin will focus his attention on accelerating our R&D efforts and applying them to the mass production of our solar products.”

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