14-15 March, 2023 | Berlin, Germany


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Why Attend?

  • Learn about the latest developments in global PV cell production technologies and the market-leaders in 2023.
  • Discover what cell production will look like when the industry reaches annual TW levels.
  • Stay informed about the growth and progress of TOPCon production and how much of it is happening outside of China.
  • Discover the process flow improvements that are happening now to increase mass production efficiency levels.
  • Explore the latest developments in new cell processing steps and printing/metallization breakthroughs for mass production.
  • Understand the latest capex for back-contact cell production at multi-GW levels and the companies driving this manufacturing.
  • Learn about the latest developments and innovations in heterojunction solar cell market.
  • Find out about the efficiency levels of new GW-scale heterojunction fabs.
  • Explore new tandem and hybrid cell concepts and learn about pilot line technology-transfer activity.
  • Discover the latest trends in global diversification of cell manufacturing, including new production lines in India, Europe, and the U.S.
  • Understand the sustainability roadmap for global cell production.
  • Network with industry experts from the whole pv supply chain.

Meet our speakers for 2023

Director Division Photovoltaics - Production Technology
Fraunhofer ISE
Head of Department Production Technology - Structuring and Metallization
Fraunhofer ISE
3SUN Enel Green Power
Head of Silicon Solar Cells Group at PVcomB
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
Managing Member
American Perovskites
Managing Director - Quality Management
ISC Konstanz
Sector Head - c-Si solar cells
Program Manager Tandem Photovoltaic Technology and Applications
R&D Manager - Principal Scientist
Technical Product Manager
Head of Department - Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells and Modules
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Director Products and Projects
halm. elektronik
Chief Technology Officer
Oxford PV
Head of R&D (Hanau)
Heraeus Photovoltaics
Semco Smartech
Senior Vice President R&D Cells
General Manager, HJT BU
Risen Energy
Meyer Burger
Vice President Photovoltaics
Von Ardenne
Vice President - BU Photovoltaics
Schmid Group
CEA-National Solar Energy Institute (INES)
ITRPV Steering Committee
Head of Market Research
PV-Tech & Solar Media Ltd

We returned to an In-Person format in Berlin on 25-26 April 2022 as well as offering virtual access via live-streaming and on-demand content for attendees wishing to attend remotely and we’ll be doing this again in March 2023 for delegates that can’t join us in person or that prefer to access the event remotely. 

We are committed to continuing to focus on what this event excels at: Delivering an exceptional line up of speakers and presentations from the world’s leading cell manufacturers to give you unparalleled insights into the technology roadmaps and manufacturing processes being deployed at GW scales.

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Q&A: Jinergy CEO Liyou Yang discusses the three steps to taking heterojunction manufacturing forward

As the technology continues to mature, the race to successfully commercialise and drive heterojunction (HJT) manufacturing to the multi-gigawatt level is getting increasingly competitive. PV Tech spoke to Jinergy chief executive officer Liyou Yang to determine what the remaining challenges are in relation to mass HJT manufacturing, and how close the industry may be to it.

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