25-26 August 2021 | Virtual Event

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Finlay Colville
Dr Finlay G. Colville | Head of Research & PV-Tech Events

The next chapter: The N-type transition

PV manufacturing technology has gone through rapid changes in the past few years, as the industry made a rapid switch from multi-crystalline wafers and cells to mono-based alternatives. Today, the industry is dominated by one technology, p-mono PERC, with more than 90% market-share in 2021 forecast.

P-mono PERC dominance is set to change…

The PV CellTech conference this year and next year will be focused on predicting the key metrics underpinning the next big shift to n-type. Join us in August for answers to key questions:

  • When will the transition to n-type happen?
  • Which companies will be first to 10 GW capacity and production?
  • Who will be the key equipment suppliers for the new production lines?
  • Which n-type process flow/architecture will emerge as the front-runner?
  • What will polysilicon purity and wafer thickness levels look like for optimized n-type manufacturing?
  • What will the upstream poly/wafer supply-chain look like in 5 years from now?

We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an exciting event as the industry’s key players unveil their visions for the path to N-type architectures!