24-26 August 2021 | Virtual Event

Igor Shakhray

Hevel Solar
Igor Shakhray

Igor Shakhray joined Hevel Group in 2010 as CFO. Prior to becoming Hevel Group’s CEO, Mr. Shakhray served as CTO being responsible for putting the first Russia’s solar module manufacturing plant into operation. Holding a position of CEO at Hevel Group since 2015 Mr. Shakhray initiated the shift of the factory from thin film to heterojunction technology and capacity extension from 130 to 350 MW.

He played a key role in building at Hevel Group a vertically integrated business by entering new segments – EPC&M and R&D.

28 Oct
 - 08:00 UTC/GMT
  • 06:00-06:30 UTC/GMT
    • Latest progress in Panasonic's heterojunction research & technology - Panasonic Corporation
  • 06:45-07:15 UTC/GMT
    • 10,000 wafer per hour sputtering for cost-effective GW cell production - Von Ardenne
  • 07:30-08:00 UTC/GMT
    • Hevel's progress to-date with advanced HJT in mass production & future plans for scaling beyond the GW-level - Hevel Solar