24-26 August 2021 | Virtual Event

Liyou Yang

Jinneng Clean Energy Technology (Jinergy)
Dr. Liyou Yang-JINERGY

Dr. Liyou Yang earned his Ph.D. in solid state physics from Rutgers University in the US. He has been involved in R&D and commercialization of various solar cell technologies for over 30 years. Since returning to China in 2006, he has helped found several solar companies including Astronergy and Jinergy. He is currently serving as the CEO of Jinergy.

27 Oct
 - 11:00 UTC/GMT
  • 09:00-09:30 UTC/GMT
    • Roadmap for industrial mass production equipment for high efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cells -  SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES
  • 09:45-10:15 UTC/GMT
    • Enabling 25%-plus cell efficiency through heterojunction manufacturing using large wafer formats - CEA-National Solar Energy Institute (INES)
  • 10:30-11:00 UTC/GMT
    • Progress on HJT mass production at Jinergy - Jinneng Clean Energy Technology (Jinergy)