DuPont PV materials deliver proven performance, efficiency and lasting value. When Materials Matter™, you innovate continuously and field-test relentlessly to fulfill the need for new energy solutions. For over 40 years our innovations in PV materials have led the photovoltaics industry forward. Today our portfolio of solutions is more than just state-of-the-art—our emphasis on proven power and lasting value means they can also help you achieve higher lifetime returns on your investments. Whether you seek the leading-edge efficiency of our DuPont™ Solamet® metallization pastes, or the field-proven performance of our DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films for your backsheets, our PV materials can help you meet the world’s growing demand for dependable renewable energy more effectively.

Meyer Burger is at the forefront of the photovoltaic market and has established itself as an international premium brand by offering superior precision products and innovative technologies along the photovoltaic value chain including manufacturing processes for wafers, solar cells, solar modules and solar systems. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio is complemented by a worldwide service network with spare parts, consumables, process know-how, customer support, after-sales services, training and other services. The registered shares of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (Ticker: MBTN).

The SCHMID Group encounters us daily. Either through smartphones, solar modules or modern energy storages. SCHMID masters processes which are needed in the most different industrial sectors and builds machines and automation systems perfectly tailored to the requirements. The company group with its headquarters in Freudenstadt (Germany) has 1200 employees worldwide. Manufacturing sites in Germany, China, Turkey and USA as well as sales and service locations worldwide ensure our local presence. SCHMID conducts basic research and brings the technologies into mass production. Thus the company founded in 1864 provides affordable technical progress. By always entering into new fields of application, four business units developed taking advantage of many synergistic effects: Electronics, Photovoltaics, Automation and Energy Systems. Company data: Headquarters: Freudenstadt (Germany) Staff members worldwide: 1200 Group members: 14 companies Production locations: in Germany, China, Turkey and USA with a total production surface of 71.000 m² Overall performance 2015: over 140 Mil. € Year of foundation: 1864 Certified: DIN EN ISO 9001


Aurora’s mission is to deliver exceptional results to the photovoltaic industry through measurement and control of critical processes during solar cell manufacturing. We measure and map the results of critical cell fabrication processes, providing real-time visualization of material properties and true production tool performance. Our products provide process engineers and production-line operators with the means to rapidly detect and correct process excursions, material faults, limit variations and optimize processes, thereby eliminating yield-reducing and profit-killing product variation. We are creating the standard for quality control systems for the global photovoltaic industry.

h.a.l.m. elektronik develops and delivers high-end class A+A+A+ solar simulators for the IV-measurement of all types of solar cells and solar modules. Our main focus is to measure the electrical characteristic of photovoltaic specimen. In addition, we put a lot of efforts into visual inspection and other advanced analysis. The three technical components xenon flasher, curve tracer, and a very flexible software are each outstanding for itself. Their combination makes the h.a.l.m. technologies acknowledged as high-end worldwide. Offering a wide range of measuring solutions for the electrical and visual characterization of cells and modules, h.a.l.m.’s complete product line covers:

  • In-line system integration for production
  • One source ready-to-go lab equipment for research and development
  • Outdoor module or string performance measurement
  • Customized unique solutions

Company profile to follow soon.

Indeotec SA is a new, emerging manufacturer of highly innovative thin film deposition equipment. Founded in 2007 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the company recently started to fully commercialize its successful Octopus concept. The system has been developed with strong focus at the deposition of passivation layers of superior quality for heterojunction cell devices. The Octopus II system introduces a couple of new PECVD reactor elements for RF and VHF plasma deposition such as the Mirror reactor concept, which enables the top and bottom side thin film substrate deposition without the need of substrate flipping and vacuum breakage. The proprietary reactor design and a unique electrode arrangement allow a low plasma ignition and keep ion bombardments at extremely low levels.

VON ARDENNE designs and delivers high-tech equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal, and polymer films. We are the leading provider of thin-film and crystalline photovoltaics tools, from laboratory scale to best-in-class production equipment. Furthermore, our customers can rely on leading-edge technical and technology support by our worldwide service organization and German engineering. We are your partner of choice, with a track record of more than 60 years of successfully providing coating equipment made by VON ARDENNE.


SEMILAB design, produce and sell metrology equipment for the characterization of semiconductor and photovoltaic materials, for monitoring the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices and solar cells, and also for R&D purposes in these areas. We offer a variety of measurement techniques; most of them are non-contact and non-destructive. Many of our technologies can be flexibly integrated in different platforms, ranging from simple handheld devices and table-top systems with high resolution mapping capability to fully automated stand-alone production control tools for mid-range and high-level fablines. We also offer in-line measurements for solar cell production lines.

company profile to follow soon

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