During 2017, the solar industry reached the landmark of 100GW of annual cell production, benefiting from years of R&D, technology investment and capital expenditure.

To celebrate this incredible achievement, University of New South Wales (UNSW) and PV-Tech will co-host The 100GW Party, after the closing talks at this year’s PV CellTech conference on Wednesday 14th March, 2018 and the party is free to attend for all conference attendees.

ALUMNI OF UNSW can book tickets to PVCellTech2018 for just $1199! (full price tickets are $1799 rising to $1999 on 1st February 2018)


Why the celebration?

Since the year 2000, the solar industry has celebrated passing through the 1GW annual barrier in 2004, 10GW in 2010, and now just seven years later – in 2017 – more than 100GW of solar cells have been produced in just 12 months!

This growth has been well above expectations, and the result of constant progress in adding new cell capacity, while pushing average cell efficiencies above 20% in mass production.

The 100GW Party will feature an entertaining and stimulating historical perspective of solar cell manufacturing as annual production levels increased to 1GW, 10GW and now 100GW.


What to expect

The 100GW Party will feature guest speakers from companies and institutes that have been pivotal to transferring R&D into GW-scale mass production, highlights of the past 10 years of cell production, and fun activities including an unmissable solar manufacturing quiz!

Accompanied with food and drinks – and surrounded by speakers and companies attending the PV CellTech 2018 conference – The 100GW Party will celebrate solar cell production in 2018, the importance of research in driving cell efficiencies higher, and the collaborative efforts across academia, equipment/materials supply and GW-scale cell manufacturing that make the PV industry such an exciting and special sector to be involved with.


The party is set to be the must-attend networking event of 2018, for the key stakeholders that have contributed to the 100GW production achievement, and those seeking to influence the next phase of growth to the Terawatt level.

Leading R&D technologists from the major cell and module producers to the industry today will be attending the event, accompanied by process engineers, key equipment and material suppliers, and leading research institutes from the US, Europe and Asia regions.

The 100GW Party is the perfect place for informal meetings with customers, colleagues and competitors! Both from a business development and a personal enjoyment perspective, it offers the ideal forum to wind down after two days of extensive market intelligence gathering that has now become the hallmark of PV CellTech events.